GOLD SMOOTHING BALM                                                                                       with KALAHARI MELON SEED 

Smooth silky luxurious hair is now attainable with “Kashmir” Gold smoothing balm:

Kalahari Melon Seed, adds condition whilst nourishing the hair, soothing and repairing dry brittle hair, with the added benefit of Vitamin E. Kashmir Gold smoothing balm is easily absorbed for weightless velvety hair.

 It’s like wearing an invisible Silk Veil.



Directions: Apply a small amount of Kusco-Murphy’s “KASHMIR” Gold Smoothing Balm on clean damp hair. Comb through from roots to ends, style with a blow dryer/ Hot Iron. For an intense result add a fingertip amount to dry hair, run your Hot Iron over the hair. Result: Luxuriously smooth Hair.




  • 100ml
  • Australian Customers Only

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