‘O’ssential Revival Balm

Kusco - Murphy's ‘O’ssential Revival Balm is an invigorating and nutritious conditioning balm which combines the sweet sensuous aromas of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang and the healing benefits of Olive Oil Extract.
Wheat proteins and sunscreen protect hair cuticles, enlivening and revitalizing damaged hair structure; leaving it silky, manageable and with a scintillating shine. This thick and creamy formula penetrates deep into hair cuticles; softening and smoothing away damaged strands and fly-aways.
Kusco – Murphy's ‘O’ssential Revival Balm contains vitamins and minerals to repair chemically and environmentally exhausted hair, leaving it nourished and strengthened to revive the natural beauty that your hair possesses.
Recommended for: Damaged hair, exhausted by chemical and environmental stress.
Application: Simply apply to wet, washed hair and leave in for as long as possible to allow hair to be able to absorb nutrients.

  • 150ml
  • Australian Customers Only
‘O’ssential Revival Balm


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